A sub-group of Hovells Creek Landcare members and regional neighbours meets quarterly, at a different property on each occasion, to discuss topical local pasture and grazing management issues. The discussion facilitator, who is also a regional farmer, is supported through Mid Lachlan Landcare.

An unrestricted interactive discussion session is followed by a farm walk which inevitably generates more discussion and debate. The local discussion sessions are supplemented by regional field days on issues of relevance to several network groups.

The MLL ‘Grazing Cluster Groups’ project aims to help landholders learn about and implement sustainable and regenerative grazing practices by providing a peer learning environment that offers flexibility, and encourages people to try or adopt new techniques at their own pace with the help of a facilitator and mentor.

Project Objectives are to:

  • Increase the number of vibrant, healthy farms producing the best food and fibres,
  • Support farmers to improve grazing management,
  • Improve water use efficiency resulting in increased groundcover and feed availability, reducing erosion and salinity, increasing soil carbon and improving soil health,
  • Explore and support farming systems which have already demonstrated benefits,
  • Focus on farming systems which deliver on financial, social and ecological outcomes,
  • Have a strong emphasis on sharing of experiences, expertise and information about farming systems,
  • Provide forums for local people, and especially younger landholders, to inform the future direction of Landcare.

Until 2013-14 this project was funded through a grant from the former Lachlan Catchment Management Authority and matching Mid-Lachlan Landcare funds. An NRMA $5,000 grant allowed this project to continue in 2014-15.