In the first of the two attached documents (click here), Birds Australia reports on their analysis of six years of bird surveys by the Cowra Woodland Birds Group between 2002 and 2008, including at three sites in the Hovells Creek area. The analysis of the bird surveys was sponsored by the former Lachlan Catchment Management Authority, not only to make information on the local bird population and trends more readily available but also as a key measure of biodiversity trends. In summary, the analysis determined the following trends:


Threatened Bird Species

Superb Parrot – declined

Brown Treecreeper – declined

Diamond Firetail – declined

Grey-crowned Babbler – stable


Declining Species

Dusky Woodswallow – declined

Eastern Yellow Robin – declined

White-browed Woodswallow – declined

Crested Shrike-tit – declined

Restless Flycatcher – declined

White-browed Babbler – stable

Jacky Winter – stable

Rufous Whistler – stable

Buff-rumped Thornbill - increased


The second document (click here) is a list of all the birds recorded at Grasmere, Hovells Creek over the period 2002 to 2018.



Cowra Bird Survey Report 2009

Lachlan CMA Catchment Action Plan (2013-23)