Monday, 04 March 2019 12:18

Saving Our Superb Parrot

Thanks to everyone who came along to the ‘Save Our Superb Parrot’ Project Launch last week at Bennett Springs – a truly Superb day enriched by local & expert knowledge.

NSW Government’s Saving Our Species (SoS) program is providing nearly $400,000 to help farmers and land managers to look after hollow bearing trees and woodland vegetation. There were many passionate discussions regarding diverse flora in the Travelling Stock Route and timely fly overs by 2 pairs of majestic Superb Parrots.

The event was well attended by a group of 40; the significant outcome to note about the day was the engagement of so many different representatives from the community. Local Land Services (LLS) and Landcare members from Hovells Creek, Boorowa, Upper Lachlan, Gunning and Young were represented, but the day also attracted passionate bird watchers from Godfrey’s Creek, Yass and further afield.

Project Manager, Damon Oliver (Office of Environment & Heritage) gave a comprehensive introduction to the Superb Parrot and what actions are particularly important for the species. The walk through the travelling stock route enabled experts Graham Fifield and Susie Jackson, from Greening Australia & National Parks and Wildlife, to help identify habitat suitable for protection and restoration. LachLandcare’s Mikla Lewis shared her wattle knowledge and locals contributed with their own stories about the benefits of having a mid-storey in the landscape as a very important food source for woodland birds.

For John Craig from Hovells Creek, “Today showcased the manifold benefits which stem from a rich and diverse farmland”. He continued to say “On the fringe of parrot habitat, our focus should be food resources and habitat enrichment”.

A casual barbeque back at the Graham Fire shed enabled participants to look at maps, collect resources and have relaxed discussions. Group coordinators then delivered specific information about how their funding will be obtainable.

The 8 groups are really excited about this collaborative partnership and can’t wait to get started.

For more information contact your local Landcare group or follow the Saving Our Superb Parrot page on Facebook

Look out for the next Bird Monitoring Training days in late October, where all members of the community are welcome to come and join in the National Aussie Bird Count.

A big thank you to Linda and the Hovells Creek Landcare Group for hosting the event.

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